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Sandra Cunningham

Sandra Cunningham

Saint-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, QC


Hi, Welcome to my galleries.
I'm a photographer located in Quebec, Canada.
I cover a wide range of subjects such as lifestyle, food and seasonal images with a fresh, clean look.
My photography work has been featured in numerous magazines and leading card companies.
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Closeup of corn stalks


Small pumpkins on fall leaves


Little pumpkin in a bunch of leaves


Asian teapot with cups and herbal bags of tea


Stockings hanging on hooks for the holidays


Hanging stockings ready for Christmas


Pumpkin with leaves on wood


Spring trees blossoming in Montreal


Sweater jacket hanging with firewood with axe


Road going into corn fields


Pumpkin and gourds with leaves


Halloween skeleton hanging on coathook


Halloween costumes and decorations


Lit pumpkin on log with leaves


Corn stalks blowing in the wind


Closeup of corn stalks


Fall pumpkins and gourds/ digital painting


Candy treats and pumpkins


Fall pumpkins and gourds on table


Green pumpkin and small white gourds


Snow globe in a snowy winter scene


Door opening into a Christmas living room digital painting


Farmer checking his crop of wheat/ digital painting


Old farmhouse on the hill/ digital painting


Canoe by the lake/ digital painting